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Jannheal is Singapore leading boutique healing recovery centre that specializes in Post Liposuction Care Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Post Recovery Care for Breast Augmentation & Implantation. Our qualified post surgery care therapists are trained in Australia.

Post Liposuction Care Therapy

Surgical procedures such as liposuction WILL leave after effects of swelling, bruising and possibly scarring. Post Liposuction therapy is a crucial part of the recovery journey to aid healing for areas of body where fatty tissue was traumatically removed.

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Post Recovery Care for Breast Augmentation & Implantation

As your body initiates its natural healing process, you may have swelling, bruising, sensitivity, tingling and general discomfort. These can be alleviated through our specialised techniques.

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Severe Pain & Swelling

Having severe pain and swelling after liposuction or other aesthetic surgery?


Unresolved Hard Lumps

Troubled with the unresolved hard lumps on localized areas on your body where liposuction was done?


Same Or Even Bigger Body Size

Stuck with the same or even bigger body size for many months after liposuction?


  • Personalized

    Jannheal's ethos for customer care means that we only provide treatment that is exclusively one-on-one in a relaxing & hygienic private room. Furthermore, all treatment plans begins with a careful assessment following an evidence-based approach. Usually, therefore, relief and results are noticeable almost immediately post treatment.

  • Skilled & Ethical

    Not only do we demonstrate excellence in skill and care, we also represent exceptional moral character in this specialty industry while promoting safe and ethical practices. We have become a valued centre for post care services.

  • Effective & Relaxing

    The science behind why this technique professionally works. Such unique process is painless, relaxing & yet effectively fight off infection, speed up recovery, reduce swelling, scar tissue, lumps, reduce stress and fatigue.

  • Result Oriented

    For more than 25 years, we are the pioneer in this business knowing the best ways to treat every individual effectively. We are also renowned through many famous surgeons’ & doctors’ recommendations / collaborations.



Australian certified

Trained and certified in Australia Melbourne institute, we hold global knowledge and expertise on this area of health concerns.


Accessible Location

Smacked in the heart of Orchard in town, it is a convenient and accessible location for your healing to take place.


Non Invasive

Using skillful hand techniques, it is a safe and healthy option for recovery through post lipo care drainage.

Instant Relief

“Wonderful service! I feel so relieved after post care therapy!.. I feel my body is gradually less stiff and I can move much better”

Lump Reduction

“My bruises, swelling and hard lumps went down very quickly and it really helped to bring out my post-op shape...”

Money Sense

“... post lipo care is very important if you want to go for liposuction! This is the kind of money that you don't want to save.”

Soothing Retreat

“I was expecting the therapy to be painful given the state I was in but... it wa really comfortable and I nearly fell asleep!”

Genuine Friendship

“Anyone who is suffering from after lipo discomfort will find... a friend who is genuinely there to help you.”

Conquer Depression

“As I was doubtful and slightly depressed about the lumps in my arms, she assured me that this it is only temporary...”

The happier you are, the more beautiful you become.

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