About Jannheal

What is JANNHEAL Post Lipo Therapy?

A form of unique bodywork reflexology that applies hand pressure to produce changes & benefits to different parts of the human body. It involves applying smooth repetitive action that aims to mimic the natural and breath movements of the body to mobilize the lymph nodes. These techniques involves gentle strokes that help stimulates the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system, thus relieving swelling & accelerating these movements such that toxins and wastes arising from the natural process of bodily healing are quickly removed, thus accelerating the recuperation period.

Part of the healing process from surgical procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation inevitably involves seroma (swelling). 

If these swellings are not properly taken care of, it could lead to excessive internal scarring which can present as visible surface irregularities on the skin, also known as fibrosis. Therefore, it is critical that patients are aware of and do undergo JannHeal Post Lipo Therapy to achieve the best post operative look and recovery.



We are NOT General Lymphatic Massage!


General lymphatic massage only serve to mobilise general movement of bodily fluids. JannHeal Post Lipo Therapy is a series of specific massage techniques that explicitly caters for post liposuction patients across the various regions that was operated on. Furthermore, these techniques are also designed to prevent and if already present, ameliorate the aforementioned internal scarring and fibrosis.  





JANNHEAL has been an industry steward for more than 25 years & have built up an incredible reputation and renown especially from the various surgeons’ and doctors’ recommendations and collaboration. Jannheal's ethos for customer care means that we only provide treatment that is exclusively one-on-one in a relaxing & hygienic private room. Furthermore, all treatment plans begins with a careful assessment following an evidence-based approach. Usually, therefore, relief and results are noticeable almost immediately post treatment.

Our ethos and committment towards patient care means that we must continuously demostrate excellence not only in safety, ethics and skill but also exceptional moral character. With this approach over the last 25 years, we have become a valued authority for Post Lipo Therapy and its related allied health care services. To this end, we have successfully treated thousands of patients from  Singapore, Australia & other global patients who have travelled to us. 

We are so proud of these above testimontials , but most importantly, we're most proud of the results and relief that we've bought to our clients over the years. We will continue to excel and improve on what we do to validate the trust our patients have in us to return them to good health and the best shape ever! 





Jannheal's Founder


Oor founder, Jannifer Ling, is a therapist in private practice that has been accredited by various institutions including Melbourne’s Liposuction Institute. She is the pioneer that introduced Post Care techniques in Singapore since the early '90s. For more than 25 years, JANNHEAL had been dedicated to excellence in the Post Lipo Therapy and is committed providing the utmost level of care and service to our patients.

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