What Are Your Credentials In Post Care Therapy?

What Are Your Credentials In Post Care Therapy?

Our post care therapy is professionally imparted and accredited by liposuction professors in Australia Melbourne’s liposuction institute by professors specializing in post-liposuction surgery and therapy. Being professionally trained in Australia, we have worked in Australia for a few years and performed our unique post-care therapy on many patients there other than locally in Singapore.

We have done thousands of patients both in Singapore and Australia, and we are renown especially through surgeons’ and doctors’ recommendation. We have worked with many famous local doctors who performed liposuction surgery, and we are proud to claim that we are rather famous in the niche area of liposuction surgery post care therapy.

Our customers come from all walks of life - they include those who have gone through aesthetic surgery with local doctors including renowned ones in Orchard, Shenton Way, Clarke Quay, Novena; as well as those who fly overseas to have their surgery done by international doctors especially in Bangkok, Medan, Penang and Seoul. Most of our patients come from direct recommendations from these famous doctors, and this shows the level of trust you can have with our services!


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