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“I’m glad to found a therapist to resolve my Scar Tissue (Hard Lumps) and she is specialist in post-op massage for vaser/lipo. Most of her clientele is recommended by the local and overseas plastic surgeons.”

“Dear cotters,

I would like to share my experience from my lipo/vaser. I believe that there are many people out there are unaware about the Scar Tissue (Hard Lumps) which started to form during healing process after the lipo/vaser.
After my 1st lipo/vaser, I experience uneven surface on my skin and hard lumps underneath my skin. As I’m in the healing process and I convince myself that it will subside as the time goes by.  I had gone to those beauty salon who self-acclaimed that they are specialist in resolving the hard lumps by offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD). After several sessions, my problem is not resolved and it added to a higher level of disappointment.

Hereby, I have some pointers to share:
After lipo/Vaser, you will start having bruising, pain, soreness, numbness and lumpiness. Within the 1st two weeks, you may start experiencing tissue swelling.

What is Scar Tissue/Hard Lumps?
During the healing process, the body wills starts to form Scar Tissue (Hard Lumps) whereby it may block the lymph drainage and causes the skin to look uneven, dimpled. When you stretch your body, you may feel abit of tightness, sore and numbness on the lipo/vaser area. Other than compression garment, post-op massage helps to aid to eliminate inflammation and water retention on the areas after lipo/vaser.

Post-op massage is a combination of a gentle and light stroke massage whereby you will feel comfortable and relax on the lipo/vaser area. Throughout the massage, you will not experience any pain or discomfort at all. After the massage, you will feel lighter as the swelling is minimized; Scar Tissue (Hard Lumps) will be less visible and dissolved. You will tend to visit the toilet more often as the fluid is drain through the lymph nodes.

Kindly do your reading and search carefully regarding about post-op care. Please do not have the perception that by doing Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage or Deep Tissue Massage will aid to resolve the formation of scar tissue. I’m glad to found a therapist to resolve my Scar Tissue (Hard Lumps) and she is specialist in post-op massage for vaser/lipo. Most of her clientele is recommended by the local and overseas plastic surgeons.

As I have been a silent reader for several forums, I have decided to speak out and share my experience. Hopefully the above information gives u a better idea.”

– chubbylicious, CozyCot (http://forums.cozycot.com/health/19731-liposuction-108.html#1608)

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“Anyone who is suffering from after lipo discomfort will not only find relief from pain, but a also a friend who is genuinely there to help you.”

“To say that Jann’s massage is simply a post care treatment is really an understatement. She is truly a healing angel. Anyone who is suffering from after lipo discomfort will not only find relief from pain, but a also a friend who is genuinely there to help you. My hat’s off to Jann. Thank you”

– Singapore Lawyer in East Coast.

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“As far as i know, there’s only 1 masseur skilled in post-lipo msg…”

“Let’s just say I was big(XL size), and the avg amt removed each area is 3 ltrs- only my arms was under 3 but tat’s a lot for arms (that explains why it hurts so bad!)…so, its not a small amt removed..i was in pain – clearly. But because i saw results after each procedure, and got wiser with the pain mgmt techniques, i went for more procedures…

Just FYI – i start my massage as early as 2nd or 3rd dayt post-session. The stitches were not even removed, but soooo much trapped fluids were removed within those 1st few sessions – such a relived! This masseur is based in Far East Shpg ctr as well – so it was literally a ‘go to doc to remove stitches’ then ‘go for massage’ .. Did you go to the other one at Tg Pagar or something?? As far as i know, there’s only 1 masseur skilled in post-lipo msg. I was given her contact by the nurses in TLC/Reves.”

– hunnybunz, Flowerpod (http://flowerpod.com.sg/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=64822&view=findpost&p=2562781)

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We Specialize in Post Liposuction Massage

We are a boutique healing recovery centre that specializes in Post Liposuction Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Facial Spa Treatment. Our post care massage is professionally imparted and accredited by liposuction professors in Australia Melbourne’s liposuction institute.

We have done thousands of patients both in Singapore and Australia, and we are renown especially through surgeons’ and doctors’ recommendation. We have worked with many famous local doctors who performed liposuction surgery, and we are proud to claim that we are rather famous in the niche area of liposuction surgery post care massage.

For Reservation Call / SMS

+65 9683 2379

Flexible Hours

Monday – Friday 12:00 am to 9:00 pm
Friday – Saturday 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Flexible operating hours available upon booking. We even provide housecalls to your doorstep!

545 Orchard Road, #04-35 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage / Post Liposuction Massage

Experiencing these?

1. Severe Pain & Swelling after liposuction or other aesthetic surgery?
2.Unresolved Hard Lumps on localized areas where liposuction was done?
3. Same or Even Bigger Body Size after liposuction for so many months?

Surgical liposuction of any kind can leave after effects of swelling, bruising, and possibly scarring. One recovery tip for liposuction patients is liposuction massage. The areas of the body that were treated with liposuction are in bad need for some tender loving care. Without special attention or massage, those areas may take much longer to heal and leave less successful results from the procedure. Massage, otherwise known as manual lymphatic drainage, has shown to be helpful to the areas of the body where fatty tissue was traumatically removed by any variety of cosmetic surgical liposuction. Massaging invaded areas can prevent the build up of scar tissue. The tunnels left under the skin from the cannula suction tubes allow unwanted space where scar tissue may form. Massaging the area can keep scar tissue from building up and storing and hardening in those spaces. Generally, the liposuction massage can also decrease the chance of the patient showing post-surgical irregularities in the surface of the skin. Dents or dimples may form in the skin where gentle and regular massage could have assisted in maintaining smoother tissue underneath the skin layer.

The recovery period is significantly enhanced through liposuction massage. A specifically useful massage technique is that of post-liposuction massage. Stimulating the lymphatic system, this particular post-liposuction massage encourages the body’s natural detoxification. Toxins stored in the tissue and cells of the body are then removed and healing and recovery are improved. The body’s flow through connective tissue increases benefiting all areas recovering from the surgical invasion and suction of the fatty tissue. The risk of infection is also lowered because bacteria are not allowed to build up. Circulation is improved, thus delivering oxygen to the body’s muscles, tissues, and cells. The immune system is enhanced through massage continuing the fight against infection which is always a risk after surgery, even liposuction.

The benefits are obvious and any level of massage is a recommended recovery aid for liposuction patients. Although some doctors may not prescribe massage, in lieu of suggesting the patients wear a compression garment. Smooth, circular massage of the liposuction treatment area is an easy do-it-yourself type of massage stimulation for the lymphatic system. Stretching and small exercises are similar to massage. There are exercises the patient can perform during recovery to create a superior result, especially after facial liposuction. Various facial expressions and contortions are easy, simple ways to improve recovery and enhance post-liposuction results. Stretching the neck and rotating the head around to extend all sides can also prove beneficial to the post-operative patient. Post-procedural recovery time is recommended from about one week to ten days before beginning self-applied massage. The key to regulating massage during recovery is to get a professional qualified therapist to administer the pressure slowly and gently. Circular motions or even light pinching can stimulate circulation and reduce swelling potential. Post-liposuction massage has not only proven to decrease recovery time and reduce undesired after effects, it has been known to provide more superior results to patients of any liposuction procedure.

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“Highly recommended.. only niche specialist in post lipo massage around in singapore after my search…”

“Jennifer is highly recommended.. she seems to be the only niche specialist in post lipo massage around in singapore after my search.. you must try her out and see the results for yourself..every time she massages for me I feel super relieved of the swelling and look more shapely.. it is not painful at all! Her clientele is super huge.. all referred to by local and overseas lipo doctors, that’s why she is super famous but her charges are reasonable and she is really genuinely helpful in giving useful post-care advice.. I have been on my road to healing and after every one of Jennifer’s session, I feel increasingly lighter and slimmer!

It’s so important to start the post-care massage within the first week of post liposuction, I was very worried that day when I came back from Medan because I was like imobilized … cannot move.. stiff all over.. and when I called Jennifer her schedule was all packed, but she is so nice to agree to do housecall for me very late in the night just to help me with my swell and stiffness! Instantly after her magic healing touch I felt much better and can move!! also had the urge to go toilet, she told me it’s because i was dispelling the unwanted stuff in my body..”

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What Is The Reason To Do Post Liposuction Therapy?

The reason for liposuction post care therapy is to drain away the fluid/water from the area that you have the liposuction done. Basically after the post care therapy, you will feel relieved, you will feel lighter and you will see instant results because the fluid will be drained through your urinal system. Each time you come for post care therapy, there will be a continuous tendency for the draining effect to take place in order to reduce fluid retention in your body that makes you less swollen.

The second stage, excess scar tissue forms in the first two weeks after your liposuction - this is what otherwise known in medical terms as "Fibrosis". In layman terms this tissues are called "hard lumps", "uneven lumps" or "scar tissues". Our job is also to clear the scar tissue. This different post care therapies will be involved at a latter stage after the initial stage. When it comes to the second week, you have formed the scar tissue. It is our job to smooth the lumpyness away. So whichever part that you have performed liposuction on, we will help you to recover nicely and naturally, without lumpy appearance.

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