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About Jannheal

What is JANNHEAL Post Lipo Therapy?

A form of unique bodywork reflexology that apply hands pressure to produce changes & benefits to different parts of the human body. It involves applying smooth repetitive action that target to mimic the movements of the body when we breathe in order to mobilize the lymph. This technique provides gentle strokes that helps to stimulate the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system, thus relieving swelling & accelerates the movement so that toxins and waste arising from the natural process of healing the bodies are removed faster towards the recuperation period.

Seroma will form after a surgical procedure & producing excessive scarring causing visible irregularities in the skin which  leads to the formation of fibrosis. Therefore Post Lipo Therapy is the basis of post-operative to the treatment.



We are NOT General Lymphatic Massage!


General lymphatic massage that commonly people term as lymphatic drainage massage only presses on certain points by fingers, tool or equipment.





Well, JANNHEAL had been in the industry for more than 25 years & renown especially through many famous surgeons’ and doctors’ recommendation as well as collaboration. JANNHEAL only provide exclusively one-on-one treatment in a clean & hygiene private room. We provide careful assessments, an evidence-based approach and results are noticeable almost immediately. We have successfully treated thousand of patients in Singapore, Australia & worldwide patients that came to us. Not only must we demonstrate excellence in skill and patient care, but also represent exceptional moral character in this specialty industry while promoting safe and ethical practice. With this approach we have become a valued centre for Post Lipo Therapy and related allied health care services. We are proud to claim that we are rather famous at this niche industry & success at our clinic means returning you to good health!





Jannheal's Founder


The founder, Jannifer Ling, is a therapist in private practice that accredited by professors in Melbourne’s Liposuction Institute in Austalia. She is the pioneer that introduce such unique Post Care technique in Singapore since the early '90s. For more than 25 years, JANNHEAL had been dedicated to excellence in the Post Lipo Therapy and committed providing the utmost service standard to the patient

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