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Manual Lymphatic Drainage / Post Liposuction Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage / Post Liposuction Massage

Experiencing these?

1. Severe Pain & Swelling after liposuction or other aesthetic surgery?
2.Unresolved Hard Lumps on localized areas where liposuction was done?
3. Same or Even Bigger Body Size after liposuction for so many months?

Surgical liposuction of any kind can leave after effects of swelling, bruising, and possibly scarring. One recovery tip for liposuction patients is liposuction massage. The areas of the body that were treated with liposuction are in bad need for some tender loving care. Without special attention or massage, those areas may take much longer to heal and leave less successful results from the procedure. Massage, otherwise known as manual lymphatic drainage, has shown to be helpful to the areas of the body where fatty tissue was traumatically removed by any variety of cosmetic surgical liposuction. Massaging invaded areas can prevent the build up of scar tissue. The tunnels left under the skin from the cannula suction tubes allow unwanted space where scar tissue may form. Massaging the area can keep scar tissue from building up and storing and hardening in those spaces. Generally, the liposuction massage can also decrease the chance of the patient showing post-surgical irregularities in the surface of the skin. Dents or dimples may form in the skin where gentle and regular massage could have assisted in maintaining smoother tissue underneath the skin layer.

The recovery period is significantly enhanced through liposuction massage. A specifically useful massage technique is that of post-liposuction massage. Stimulating the lymphatic system, this particular post-liposuction massage encourages the body’s natural detoxification. Toxins stored in the tissue and cells of the body are then removed and healing and recovery are improved. The body’s flow through connective tissue increases benefiting all areas recovering from the surgical invasion and suction of the fatty tissue. The risk of infection is also lowered because bacteria are not allowed to build up. Circulation is improved, thus delivering oxygen to the body’s muscles, tissues, and cells. The immune system is enhanced through massage continuing the fight against infection which is always a risk after surgery, even liposuction.

The benefits are obvious and any level of massage is a recommended recovery aid for liposuction patients. Although some doctors may not prescribe massage, in lieu of suggesting the patients wear a compression garment. Smooth, circular massage of the liposuction treatment area is an easy do-it-yourself type of massage stimulation for the lymphatic system. Stretching and small exercises are similar to massage. There are exercises the patient can perform during recovery to create a superior result, especially after facial liposuction. Various facial expressions and contortions are easy, simple ways to improve recovery and enhance post-liposuction results. Stretching the neck and rotating the head around to extend all sides can also prove beneficial to the post-operative patient. Post-procedural recovery time is recommended from about one week to ten days before beginning self-applied massage. The key to regulating massage during recovery is to get a professional qualified therapist to administer the pressure slowly and gently. Circular motions or even light pinching can stimulate circulation and reduce swelling potential. Post-liposuction massage has not only proven to decrease recovery time and reduce undesired after effects, it has been known to provide more superior results to patients of any liposuction procedure.

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