What Is The Reason To Do Post Liposuction Massage?

The reason for liposuction post care massage is to drain away the fluid/water from the area that you have the liposuction done. Basically after the post care massage, you will feel relieved, you will feel lighter and you will see instant results because the fluid will be drained through your urinal system. Each time you come for post care massage, there will be a continuous tendency for the draining effect to take place in order to reduce fluid retention in your body that makes you less swollen.

The second stage, excess scar tissue forms in the first two weeks after your liposuction – this is what otherwise known in medical terms as “Fibrosis”. In layman terms this tissues are called “hard lumps”, “uneven lumps” or “scar tissues”. Our job is also to clear the scar tissue. This different post care massage will be involved at a latter stage after the initial stage. When it comes to the second week, you have formed the scar tissue. It is our job to smooth the lumpyness away. So whichever part that you have performed liposuction on, we will help you to recover nicely and naturally, without lumpy appearance.