Is Your Post Care/Liposuction Massage same as Lymphatic Massage?

This massage is not the kind of massage that commonly people term as lymphatic drainage massage which only presses on certain points. Our post care massage is professionally imparted and accredited by liposuction professors in Australia Melbourne’s liposuction institute. This particular massage is highly recommended after surgery, especially after liposuction surgery because it promotes drainage and takes care of the scar tissue, which are otherwise known as hard lumps, that forms in the body after the liposuction surgery is done.

The post liposuction care massage results are guaranteed and immediate. We have done thousands of patients both in Singapore and Australia, and we are renown especially through surgeons’ and doctors’ recommendation. We have worked with many famous local doctors who performed liposuction surgery, and we are proud to claim that we are rather famous in the niche area of liposuction surgery post care massage.